RR Field Pocket Explained

RR Field is a small case, built to attach to the webbing on the Radio Ruck or the Echo. Or to use standalone, as is.

You can customize the front with any patch of your choice.

I use the RR Field to house small essentials, like business cards, my iPod, gum, pens — things like that.

GR1 Field is my go-to as a dopp kit, but only because I bring too much stuff. RR Field works as well.

The padding in the main compartments offers protection for camera lenses. I put the lens in the RR Field and put it in whatever ruck I’m using.

A padded handle makes it comfortable to grab and go or carry standalone for a longer period of time.

RR Field is the smallest of the three Field Pockets. Check out Attaching Field Pockets for more explanation on the MOLLE webbing on the back. As with all our gear, you determine how to use it best.


  1. jason says:

    Hey John – the short answer is no. The MOLLE webbing would have to run a different direction. In the future I’m sure we’ll have some that are made for the sides of the rucks.

  2. jason says:

    In theory you could attach two RR Field pockets, but only the top one would be fully secure. The bottom one would only have one row of horizontal MOLLE to attach to, instead of the two it was built to attach to.

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