Field Pockets: RR, GR1, GR2

Three sizes of Field Pockets, each able to integrate into the webbing on our rucksacks or to serve standalone. Options are a good thing, and you get to determine their best use.

Field Pockets open and lie flat, and have multiple compartments that allow for optimal organization.

I cart around a lot of stuff. Here’s everything I fit into my three Field Pockets. For more explanation, check out all the posts on Field Pockets.


  1. Uri says:

    Jason, those field pockets are awesome. They had been priceless over here and gave my GR1 a boost as I now have another way to organize and separate critical gear that I need fast.


  2. Jim Whittle says:

    Is there any preferred way use these in the rucks? Attached via molle or loose.
    Looks like another winner.

  3. Jason says:

    I would imagine that pockets can be attached up easily (a GR1 would fit in a GR2, for example)- would you be able to go the other direction? Or would having less rows of the molle strapping on the ruck make it too unstable? I’ll have a Radio Ruck soon, and wondered if any other size field pouch would work externally for times when I need just a little more carrying capacity.

  4. jason says:

    Jason, good point. Yeah, it’s easy to attach up. Meaning, GR1 Field fits easily in a GR2. You can attach down, but it will move up and down a little bit on the end. However, it won’t go anywhere. Meaning, if you attach a GR2 field inside a GR1, you can do that. But it will also interfere with your ability to open the elastic compartment below where the Field Pocket would attach.

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