Rockmount Ranch Wear, Denver, Colorado

Rockmount has pioneered classic Western wear since 1946. I’m a big fan of icons, both brands and people, and any manufacturer that’s been manufacturing quality for that long is doing something right. Rockmount’s store in the heart of LoDo was well worth the trip, and since the store doubles as office space, it was also a window into their operations.

I tend to like simple things, with basic designs, and I really liked the soft Red/Black Buffalo Check Fleece Blankets, Made in USA of course. I’ve had them for a month now, and they’re all the better for the wear. And even softer.

Jack A Weil, Rockmount’s founder, passed away in 2008 at the age of 107. Everyone tells you he loved what he did, every day of it. Rockmount’s shop, and the culture, are an homage to him, and his old-fashioned ways of making the best and doing right by people. I wish I could have met him. After spending a little time in his shop in Denver, I’m a huge fan.

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