A Flag Found in Ohio

Old-fashioned ages really well. Something new, something shiny, never has the same stories to tell. So as I was back in Ohio, digging around my dad’s basement, an Annin flag from the 1960’s caught my eye.

The flag had belonged to my grandparents before they passed, and now it hangs, with pride, in the GORUCK factory in Bozeman. Full of old-fashioned, Ohio stories it now shares in its new Montana home.


  1. Ralph L. Branham Jr. Sgt. , USAF , SAC says:

    I spent 13 months standing on Missles at Ellsworth S.D. , 3 years in front of F-4s loaded for Bear at Spangdahlem AB , then 9 months at Dyess A.F.B. from 1978 to 1983 with my gear packed for Deolyment to Iran and then Heart Broken when my Brothers Died in the desert .

  2. Benn says:

    Great post! Old flags are fantastic, indeed. I love the picture of the side of the box: “Be American – Display Your Flag!” Growing up, I saw my Dad post the flag on the front of our house before he went to work every morning, and retrieve it every evening when he came home. A quiet lesson that taught me a lot.

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