Paul’s Bookstore, Madison, Wisconsin

Local is always the right answer in Madison, Wisconsin. And everywhere else, too. I was in town for the Challenge, and to visit the good folks at Context, and happened to find a great local spot to hang out, chat with good people, and buy a book with more character than just the words inside.

A disclaimer: I’m prejudiced in favor of dog lovers and any place, and anybody, that welcomes Java. And we talked about dogs, theirs and mine, for a long while.

I love used books, the more used the better. I’ve wanted to read Travels With Charley for a good while, and I found myself in here forever, remembering to remember that this kind of place exists, and that the books that come from here are probably better than new ones that show up in cardboard boxes at your doorstep. In Paul’s case, they have not delivered since 1954, and there’s always free hard candy at check-out.

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