A Busted Rim in North Dakota

Packed and ready to head to our new factory in Bozeman, Montana from my dad’s house, open roads waiting for us.

North Dakota is a vast and open place, with storms that are fun to drive through.

But busted rims that happen in interstate construction sites are not ever in the forecast (until they are), and are much less fun. However, North Dakota was ready for us. 6 hours later, after driving on a busted rim to an exit, then to a repair shop…then the wait…we were back heading West.

Our intro to GORUCK Warehouse, Bozeman, Montana. More to come from Montana time in the near future.

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  1. M. Utley says:

    Just Ordered my GR1 and tracking info has it coming from Bozeman, MT. Must be up and running! Very impressed by the destruction to that rim!

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