Padded Field Pockets Loadout

While they do keep Budweiser safe, Padded Field Pockets are most useful for turning your ruck from this…

Into this…

Here are some good uses for Padded Field Pockets:

GR2 Field Pocket


GR1 Field Pocket


Echo Field Pocket

(Preferably holds a tall boy. Unfortunately we didn’t have one on hand.)

One last little tip. We sell lots of colors of Field Pockets, and there are a few reasons. If you attach it externally, you probably want your pocket to match your ruck, but when you put your field pockets on the interior of the ruck, different colors not only allows you to organize your gear by color, but look at these two pictures.

Which one do you think you can see more clearly at night when you’re smoked and in a rush to find something in your bag?

Check out all Field Pockets here.

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