New GR1 Women’s Ruck: Tough and Ready to Travel

This may look like a classic GR1 but there is something special about this ruck for women who like to travel and every day carry with the best gear.

Say hello to the new 21L Rucksack for women. It has curved straps and now built out of a lighter weight fabric aka 500D Cordura. The fabric is thinner and less abrasive which is perfect for traveling, EDC, and of course, always looking cool. It feels like your favorite, broken-in ruck right from the start. It’s tough and ready to travel the world with you.

I was looking for a ruck that would be less abrasive, especially when I wear a tank top or an outfit that has more delicate fabric while I’m on the road. Something that wouldn’t pull my sweater or, heaven forbid, cause my dress to hitch up, Marilyn Monroe-style without all the glamour shots.


I tested this ruck over a long weekend trip to Havana to celebrate turning 40 with some of my favorites. We had the Malecón to ourselves on Monday morning and only annoyed our Cuban minders a bit by going off the beaten path. Because cities are always more interesting than hotel or Airbnb rooms, I took the GR1 Women’s ruck with me each day to maximize exploration time. It was comfortable to wear around all day and low profile to not attract any unwanted attention.


I traveled with only this ruck on a week-long trip to Tokyo with my mom during Hanami aka Cherry Blossom season. Our trip marked the first time she has returned to Japan since living there as a toddler when my grandfather was stationed there after WWII. We also worked in a GORUCK Operation Clear Field event plus ruck club fun with the Tokyo Hikyaku Ruckers. The best part about traveling with this badass ruck was that I could carry all of my belongings on my back, thus freeing up my hands to help my mom with her not one but two roll bags that sucked rolling over all the tactile paving in Japan.

Fun fact: Japanese national Seiichi Miyake first developed tactile paving for the visually impaired in 1965. It can now be found all over the world and makes roll bags suck even more.


And I think I was the only one who didn’t have a rollbag on a girls’ trip to Nashvegas with my Georgetown Track & Field teammates during the NFL draft. My GR1 Women’s ruck served me well, meaning I didn’t have to lug a roll bag up steps when we went straight from the airport to pick up our Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon bibs. No checked-luggage, no roll bag, no over-sized tote bags that kill one shoulder and topple over, spilling out all your beauty secrets. Just one awesome rucksack with two packing cubes holding four pairs of shoes, workout/going-out outfits along with everything else I needed for the weekend.


  • Lighter weight fabric, perfect for traveling when ounces matter
  • Just as tough at GR1, still tougher than any travel bag out there
  • 500D thread is thinner which makes for a smoother fabric that is less abrasive on clothing
  • Thinner straps and lighter material sits more comfortably on smaller frames 
  • Rucksack breaks in faster and feels like your favorite pair of jeans sooner
  • Always superior to roll bags or totes, move faster and carry your belongings smarter
  • Covered by our Scars Lifetime Guarantee
  • Still Rule #1 compliant, Always Look Cool



Trade in your roll bag and tote for a badass GR1 Women’s ruck, you won’t regret it.

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