New Men’s Hulk Simple Shorts: Hulk Mode Activated

The GORUCK Simple Shorts are perfect for everyday wear, traveling, commuting, rucking and training, much like the Simple Pants. But perfect for warmer climates and seasons. You can dress them up or down and they fit most body types. But we got some requests for a Hulk version, like the Hulk Simple Pants. And we listened.

You see, the struggle for a lot of fit and strong dudes is that they may have larger, hulk-like quads and butts but since they are in great shape, their leg size doesn’t mean a larger waist as well. Enter the Hulk Simple Line.

“I recently had the opportunity to wear the GORUCK Hulk shorts. At first glance these are clean and rigid looking shorts, something you would look good walking around town in. Once I tried them on I realized that they were more versatile than I expected. The material has enough stretch to allow for athletic movements. We did a PT session in these shorts, they successfully kept me dry as I sweat in the heat. These are tough, stylish, and versatile. I would highly recommend.”
– Travis, GRT-in-Training and Powerlifting Enthusiast 

As I’ve been focused on lifting more, my legs have been getting bigger and my simple shorts have been getting tighter. Now there’s finally a short that I can wear without feeling like they are painted on my legs.” – Nick, GORUCK Photographer and Triple Heavy GRT

“I loved them. I have big legs and bootay and a small waist for guys of my body type. Problem was that I had to wear a 36″ instead of a 34″ in order for the legs to fit me. So now the shorts are more fitted at the top and loose and comfortable in the legs making it easier to squat and lunge.”
– Ricky, GORUCK Cadre & Retired Army Special Forces

“The are the same kind of greatness as the Hulk Simple Pants. They are super comfortable and fit my body type really well. They stretch and do not bind up in the crotch area during squats.”
– Matt, GRT

So what are you waiting for? Hulk Mode Activated.

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