KR1 [Kid Ruck]: What the Cool Kids Use

Theme Park Ruck

“It is one of the highest quality backpacks out there. Are you going to a Theme park? take a GORUCK. My Leila is 54″ tall and fits her just perfect. If she outgrows it, no problem, I have her sister in line.”

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Travel Ruck

“Kids are loving their new rucks! Had a chance to try them out at Upper Sardine Lake to break them in before school starts.”

Toddler Ruck

“So excited this was brought back for those clamoring! My son is happy to have “one like Daddy!” He’s 3, so he is about two years away from fitting it correctly. It’s a spacious 13L with the usual outstanding GORUCK quality. Changes from the initial run include a reinforced padded handle, interior D-ring, bladder pass-through, additional interior velcro square, and name change to “KR1”. Perfect for children I’d say 5–12 yrs old. Also, will work for smaller framed adults. Would be a badass diaper bag, one that will actually last!”

Ruck with Mom or Dad

“My little guy (3 y/o) already liked to go with me on rucks. Now he is super excited to have one “just like daddy”. We packed everything he needed for a weekend camping trip in it. And he did the 3 mile “chain-gang” CallOut Ruck with me. (he walked 1 mile and rode my shoulders for the other 2) but he carried his Ruck the whole time.”

Diaper Bag Ruck

“KR1 is well worth the money and it looks cool. Function and Quality are the first things the come to mind when I first pulled it out of the box. My daughter uses her KR1 Ruck at the moment to hold diapers, wipes and her water bottle, she’s about to turn 3 yrs old. The size is a little big but she will grow into it. Plenty of pockets for organising stored items. Of course as she grows her Ruck will take on different roles from diaper bag, overnight travel bag and then on to Pre-K. She loves her Ruck and role plays with it constantly, imitating Mommy and Daddy as we wear ours and when she’s playing dress up. I highly recommend the KR1, its durable, comes in a variety of colors and has the scars program. It’s a win win.”

Your kid tired of carrying their own ruck? The KR1 fits most moms very well too! Life happens, and the KR1 goes with you wherever and however you need. And it’s on sale for a limited time for X-Mas in July*!

*Sale ends July 15th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST.

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