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Oregon: the 48th State of the GORUCK Summer

With no fanfare, we snapped a quick shot through the front windshield of the interstate-worn GORUCK truck as we entered Oregon, our 48th state of the Summer of 2010. Though the adventure never ends, we kicked back and soaked it all in as day beers in a café that luckily reminded us nothing of Bagdad turned into night beers across town at a locals spot that, you guessed it, came recommended. With good reason Portland is called the beer capital of the world and thus a great spot to celebrate.

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Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Idaho fries, casseroles, etc – we tried potatoes in all forms, but surprisingly the best bite we had was at a local favorite, Hudson’s Hamburgers, an old-fashioned kind of place which is noticeably absent even fries but serves a special burger that pretty much comes as it comes. We each had two and risked whatever it is you risk when you go swimming in a beautiful lake on a full stomach. Thankfully a lifeguard was around, though, and thankfully we let her twirl her whistle around, and perhaps lament the approaching end of summer – without having to come in and save us.

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The Rodeo Capital of the World, Cody, Wyoming

“Buffalo Bill” Cody’s namesake remains very much true to its roots, on display every summer night as the “Rodeo Capital of the World”. Being a cowboy is a way of life out here, and all ages get a chance to showcase their talents at ropin’, racin’, and bull ridin’. These adventure seekers kept the clowns (who distract the bulls once the rider is thrown off) busy tonight, but alas all was well and the cowboys none the worse for ridin’ hard.

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