Tribe Kids: November 2021 Workout Details

Tribe Kids: Seek Gratitude

This month, we seek gratitude and give thanks for the people and places in our lives that make us happy. By telling the people who are most important to us that we appreciate them and that we want them in our lives, we allow them to feel seen and loved. 

As a way to honor and show gratitude for Veterans Day, this month’s workout will be completing the hero workout CHAD 1000X in one of a variety of ways. This workout consists of 1,000 step-ups, with or without a weighted ruck, that can be done all in one fell swoop (very challenging!) or broken up over several or all the days in November (quick math: 1,000 steps/30 days = ~34 steps a day!). You can even divide the step-ups amongst your family or friends to add up to 1,000 together if you like. The point is, it doesn’t matter how you do the 1,000 step-ups. What matters is that you do them, preferably with someone you care about. While you do your step-ups, think about someone or something you are thankful for.

Special note for parents: The backstory to the CHAD 1000X is related to death, specifically to suicide. We encourage you to choose your own level of comfort in talking to your child/children about this difficult matter. Perhaps you have already broached the topic of suicide with your children, perhaps not. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: it is entirely up to you how much you choose to discuss this matter with your child/children. We offer you the suggestions and articles below as a resource, noting that we are not mental health professionals – simply members of our community who care about changing the number of suicides. 

The books we are reading this month focus on death and grieving as well as the gratitude for the time we do have with loved ones. In “The Boy and the Gorilla,” and “Out to Sea,” the characters grapple with grief as they learn to live without loved ones who have died. In our 8-12 year old book, “The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole,” the main character Stella learns to accept her sadness after her father dies, and to appreciate all the memories she has of him. The author of this story uses humor and Stella’s obsession with NASA as the theme of the story.

*For parents of younger children who would rather read a book that does not discuss death, we have chosen: “You Matter.” This book reminds children that everyone and everything matters, and has a place in the world.

Workout A:

Ruck 2 miles with a grown up!

Workout B:

All ages:

Accumulate 1,000 total step-ups across the month of November. You may break them up in any way you’d like, divide up the steps with a parent or friend, or do them all at the same time.

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