Team Assessment Outline and Scenario

Team Assessment Outline and Scenario

Phase 0 (1100 5/9/19): Admin

    1. Check-in
    2. Assign Team Roster Numbers
    3. Weigh-in
    4. Medical
    5. Administrative brief
    6. Ruck Inspection 1300hrs

Phase 1(1400 5/9/19): Execution  48 Hours / 69 Miles + / One Winning Team + Finishers

GATE 1: PT Test/ Welcome Party/ 12 mi Ruck – Standards – Sports Field (9.5 hrs; 17 mi)

    1. PT Test – Pass/Fail (2:30H)
      • Push-up (2 Mins)
        • Standard 52 graded push-ups
      • Sit-ups (2 Mins)
        • Standard 62 graded push-ups
      • 5 Mile team run
        • No ruck
        • Time Standard: 45 Mins
      • Those who fail to meet the time standards are dropped
    2. Welcome Party Smoke session
      • Sandbag tonnage race
        • 90 Sandbags were stacked in a huge pile
        • Teams had a designated sandbag collection point 50m away
        • On command of GO teams race to the sandbag pile and carry sandbag back to their designated collection point
        • The team with the most tonnage wins
    • Sandbag return 
        • The winning team of the sandbag tonnage race was assigned the sandbag pile of the losing team, this was the reward for winning
        • The losing team is assigned the heavier pile
        • Teams raced to return all sandbags to the trailer – 50 meters
        • Fastest team wins
      • Individual Movement Techniques with Ruck (1:30) – teammate must remain within one arms distance of each other at all times
        • 100M high crawl + ruck dragS: body flat on the ground, head can be up, but not on hands and knees
        • 100M Bear crawl + ruck drag S: may not advance on knees
        • 100M Buddy 3-5 sec rushesS: I’m up, he sees me, I’m down. Cadre will call this out, each time.  Team members will bound for 100M
        • 100M Crab Walk ruck on chestS: Hands and Feet only
        • 200 M 2 Ruck farmer carry – 100M (Switch) 100M back: S: must carry the ruck by the top carrying handle
      • Sandbag Intervals with Rucks on. Teammate start at opposite ends and work back and forth across the 100M field
        • 100M shoulder and carry #80 S: lift the sandbag from the ground to your shoulder, walk with the sandbag on either shoulder
        • 100M low crawl and drag #60S: body flat on the ground, head can be up, but not on hands and knees
        • 100M shoulder and slam #80S: lift the sandbag from the ground to your shoulder, slam the sandbag back to the ground at your feet
        • 100M bear hug #60 – S: lift sandbag from the ground, bear hug the sandbag and walk
        • 100M farmer carry #80S: using the carrying handle of the sandbag lift from the ground with one arm and walk, if you have to stop, you must drop the bag at your side, pick the sandbag up and keep moving
      • 12 Miles of Hell (each represents one mile)
        • Ruck only
        • Ruck Farmer’s Carry
          • Intermission: 300 meters of body crawls for both teams to encourage more competitive fire
        • Ruck Farmer’s Carry
        • No Shoulder straps
        • 1 Shoulder Strap
        • Ruck Above Head
        • 2x 40 pound Sandbag
        • Clean and Toss 60 pound sandbag
        • 80 pound sandbag drag
        • Front/Back Ruck Carry (one teammate carries both rucks)
        • Ruck only
        • 3.8 mile forced ruck (Back to Jay’s House of Pain aka JHOP) – 20 minute/mile pace

GATE 2: Area Familiarization (1:30H) –  2 miles, one with 80 pound sandbag, one mile walking lunges

    1. River/Mud PT – (2:00H) – GORUCK volleyball (with sandbag) 40 tosses each teammate or other comparable exercise when back at hilltop. Distance from River to hilltop is 300 meters.
        • Water Exercise 1: Overhead Squats x 25
            • Team moves with ruck + 80 pound sandbag to the top of the hill
            • 15 x Ruck Push-Ups
            • Move back to water with 80 pound sandbag
        • Water Exercise 2: Ruck Thrusters x 25
            • Team moves with ruck + 2 x 5 gal buckets of water to the top of the hill
            • 15 x  Burpees
            • Move back to water with buckets
        • Water Exercise 3: Ruck Curl and Press x 25
            • Team moves with ruck + 2 x 60 lb sandbags to the top of the hill
            • 15 x Ruck Thrusters
            • Move back to water with sandbags
        • Water Exercise 5: Hydro Burpees x 25
            • Team moves with rucks and bear crawls to the top of the hill
            • 15 x Overhead Squats
            • Move back to water
    1.   3 Mile Weighted Ruck
        • Each team must carry an additional #80lb sandbag
        • Three laps and ends at the top of the hill

Gate 3: 6 Lap Race + Weighted Ruck – Pays to be a winner (6H; 11M)

        • 6 Lap Race – (4:00H) – 1 mile per lap, then PT
          • Movement 1: 50 x sandbag Clean and toss aka GORUCK Volleyball
          • Movement 2: Bear Crawl & Ruck Drag for 100M
          • Movement 3: Low Crawl 100M
          • Movement 4: Bear Crawl 100M
          • Movement 5: Walking Lunges for 100M
        • 5 Mile Weighted Ruck (2:00H)
          • Teams make 5 loops around the field with 1 x #80 sandbag

Gate 4: SFAS Team Week – Pays to be a Winner (11H; 20 miles)

        • 3 Mile Missile Infil: Guided pace by the G-Chief
          • 1 X Large Slosh Pipes
          • Cache stinger missiles on 3rd lap
        • Apparatus 1: Casualty Evacuation Mission (3:00H; 6mi)
          1. Construct a litter
            • 2 X 2x4x8
            • 5 X T-shirts
            • 160 LBS of sandbags
          2. 3 laps with litter around the field = 3 miles
          3. Weighted Ruck 3 Miles
            • Teams must move with 1 x #80 sandbag
        • Apparatus 2: Resupply Mission (3:30H; 5mi)
          1. Apparatus parts
            • 2 X Poles
            • 1 X Axle
            • 1 X Tire
            • Lashings
            • 200 LBS sandbags
          2. 2 Laps around the field
          3. 3 Mile Speed Ruck
            • 2 x #60 sandbag
        • Precious Cargo (PC) Mission (3:30H; 5mi)
          1. Pails of Pain
            • Team must fill 4 x 5 gallon buckets with gravel
            • Lap 1: farmer carry
            • Lap 2 : Bear hug
            • 4 x Home Depot buckets
            • 1 x Shovel
          2. 2 laps around the field
          3. 3 Mile weighted Ruck
            • 2 x 40 lb Sandbag

GATE 5: CULEX – Culminating Exercise – Remaining teams go into a head to head competition to determine a winner.  All remaining teams start at the same time. One winner and all other teams that complete the CULEX are Team Assessment Finishers (two different patches). This is a non-stop & continuous race…finish one mission and move to the next. First team to cross the finish wins. Total time standard is 4 hours. (4H; 6M+)

Scenario: What we tell GORUCK Nation NLT 0830.

Teams 1 & 5 from the Ohio National Guard have infiltrated into their assigned Areas of Operations (AOR). The teams have linked-up with and have established rapport with the local G-Chief (Chief J-Bird) of the GORUCKLandia National Liberation Forces (GRNLF) at the G-Base Jay’s House of Pain or simply the JHOP.

Based on political restrictions and US rules of engagement (ROE), US troops are not allowed to participate in direct combat operations.The fighting at the frontline is intensifying. Commandant Monty – long standing Commander of the 2nd BN – 821st Upper Bellbrook Infantry Regiment has sent a request for immediate ammo resupply to Chief J-Bird

Commandant Monty also reports that his men fear that US forces may soon be pulling out and they need reassurance that US forces will remain in-country and continue to support the GNLF until victory is secured. Monty requests US presence at the front.

Chief J-Bird asks the teams to request an immediate resupply. The teams provide their higher headquarters with grid coordinates for the SPEEDBALL airdrop and request permission from higher HQs to execute the resupply mission.

As the guerrilla movement enters the combat employment phase of unconventional warfare (UW) the situation is dire and the teams are expecting a lot of activity in the coming few days.

Enemy forces have acquired Russian-made airborne thermal sensors. US Intelligence states that the thermal sensors can easily be defeated by camouflaging their bodies in a thick layer of mud from the local swamps.

For the purpose of the culminating exercise (CULEX), 1 hour = 1 week of time in the play of the scenario.

Script: What plays out on FB Live and is presented to the teams left competing.

  • Chief J-Bird walks up to the 2 x teams to tell them of the situation at the front line. Chief J-Bird asks the teams if they can carry out an ammunition resupply in order to provide urgent support to the front line forces.
  • Teams provide HQ with the coordinates for the airdrop and devises their plan to carryout the mission.
  • The teams’ Commander tells the teams they must provide him with a verbal briefback before moving to the frontline.
  • Once the briefbacks are complete – the CULEX begins
  • Teams move to the local swamp to begin anti-thermal protection application
  • Teams then move to some old carts (their apparatus equipment) from previous movements in the area. They construct the apparatus again to use to recover the SPEEDBALL Resupply.  Ammo resupply = 5 x #40 sandbag
  • Teams move at their fastest pace to recover the ammo and move it to the front line.
  • Once at the front line and linked up with Commandant Monty they are asked to move casualties back to the basecamp JHOP
  • The teams move the “dead freds” (snaplinked 5 x #40 sandbag) who represents the G-Chief’s cousin and most beloved fighter back to the swamp and then buddy drag the bodies to the JHOP.
  • Once back in the JHOP the teams receive an important message from HQ. The message reads…”enemy forces are now being supported by Russian MiGs and the teams need to provide anti-aircraft weapons to the G-Chief for force protection.
  • Each team moves ASAP to their cached stinger missiles and return them to the JHOP
  • Of course the missiles require a guidance system that is located in a separate cache
  • The guidance system cache is a water cache located in the little Miami river (cache is an #80 sandbag)
  • Teams will move with rucks to the swap, re-camo and move to the river to locate their water caches. Teams will have to go into the river and locate the cache, tie it to a rope and drag it up and out of the river.
  • Teams will then drag the guidance system back to the JHOP to make the anti-aircraft missile operational.
  • In the fourth hour = 4 weeks; hostilities have ceased. The GORUCKLandian Liberation Forces have taken control of the GORUCKLandia interim government.
  • J-Bird and his wife have been blessed with new baby boy named Nicholas. Nicholas is an extremely large baby (40 pound sandbag). In order to properly baptize Nicholas, large buckets of sacred waters from the Little Miami River are needed to do this big job. There is one problem – the only way the sacred waters can be brought to the JHOP is by bucket. The baptism requires a very specific amount of the sacred waters which is measured via 4 large buckets.The teams both want to please their new friend J-Bird, so they rush to the river to bring back the sacred waters to earn his trust.
  • Pails of Pain – Task: move 4 buckets of sacred water to the top of the hill. Water in the buckets must be at or above the designated fill line.

Once a team gets 4 approved buckets to the top of the hill, the team is complete with the culminating exercise and will receive their earned patches from the G-Chief amidst a great celebration. Remaining teams, once they complete their work, will join in the festivities and a good time will be had by all.

Future operations will resume June 2020 (June 12-14 estimated) in GORUCKLandia aka God’s Country, Bellbrook, Ohio. Men will carry 45 pounds dry in their rucksacks. Due to the ongoing access and placement requirements in this struggle that only women can attain, there will also be a women’s division. All female ruckers will carry 20 pounds dry and will commence their operation three hours prior to the men. The gates will be managed completely separately and will be scaled accordingly at every movement. Two separate team champions will be awarded, one for women and one for men.

Pick your teammate wisely, train hard and show up ready. The future of GORUCKLandia depends on you.

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