Team Assessment: Class 000 | Very Fair

Team Assessment – the first annual – is in the books and it felt like a big success to us. Two teams successfully completed 48 hours of work patterned off of Special Forces Assessment & Selection. This event is tough but doable. And very fair.

Mark, Durkin, James and John inspired us all hugely and this was their event and it was humbling to share it them with them.

So, what’s next? Team Assessment will be back in June 2020 in God’s Country (Ohio). The scenario will develop and this will remain an elite event (but not elitist), and women will have their own division, distinct from the men’s. Both will be very fair. Questions of standards, and “the standard” will arise. But would it be fair if the women did more mileage but carried less weight? Would if be very fair if the men did fewer reps because their rucks will weight more? You tell me, that’s not how I measure very fair.

Everyone who shows up will earn it. That’s what I’m getting at.

At a deeply personal level, I’m married to a woman who has taught me that work is not always measured in tonnage, and backbones of solid steel are backbones of solid steel, no matter your size. And you want those people on your team, wherever you’re going whatever you’re doing. Those are the people we aim to inspire because they inspire all of us, and we want them on our team.

There are more of you out there than know it, men and women alike. We hope to meet you soon, here and at any of our events.

A few things about Team Assessment 2020:

  • Men’s Division rucksack weight will be 45 pounds dry
  • Women’s Division rucksack weight will be 20 pounds dry and will launch first.
  • Women are also authorized to compete in the Men’s Division.
  • Running will NOT be part of the PT Test for either group.
  • Team Assessment is one of two “elite” events that we put on. Selection is the other. And while it’s natural to compare them, we will continue to evolve Team Assessment to further differentiate it. I highly recommend you NOT sign up for Selection. Team Assessment — I feel good about encouraging you to find a teammate, train hard, and show up to complete it. It’s less about your DNA (Selection is ultimately for very few people), Team Assessment is more about the work you put in, and you make your own luck on this one, and that starts time now.

Thank you all for the support. And with a smile on my face right this second I’ll tell you that we measure that in activity and stories, and want you to be a part of this one we’re all sharing together.



  1. Steven Edney says:

    I see that running will no longer be part of the PT test for Team Assessment. Will the requirements for the PT test be provided to potential participants in advance of the event? And if so, when?

  2. Mike Brown says:

    Bought your Go Ruck sandals, my left foot is slightly larger due to surgey . But had to wrap some p
    cord around left strap to it to take slack kinda work today but it’s because it’s way too loose.

  3. David McKercher says:

    Everytime Jason tells us not to sign up for selection I take it as a personal insult and challenge.

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