Selection Class 015 Part 9: The Finish

Selection_015_The Finish_01

If you earn it, the end will come.

Selection_015_The Finish_02_Garrett

Robots become teddy bears, and those still standing earn nothing you can ever buy.

Selection_015_The Finish_03_Bert

Selection_015_The Finish_04_Paige

Selection_015_The Finish_05_Finishers

Past Selection finishers, the Cadre, and Jon.

Selection_015_The Finish_06

Then we opened the door everyone poured out and Jon just kinda stood there awkwardly, with a busted fly no less. We’ve talked about whatever your reasons should be for doing this event. If glory’s on your list, go somewhere else. That never works round these parts. When you finish you’re a lot humbled and a lot exhausted and you were likely always the type of person to run from the spotlight.

So when you find yourself in it and you’re self-conscious about your pants it makes it all the more interesting for us not so much for you lol.

Selection_015_The Finish_07

You’re done and you can shut down so you do. It’s further proof of what controls what because if we’d told Jon to ruck to Mexico he’d still be rucking and he’d get there eventually and eventually would be slowly. But the mind would have him rucking, still.

Selection_015_The Finish_08

So it’s not exactly spa treatment but it ain’t bad and the sand washes off and your body recovers and you leave stronger than when you showed up. Despite and because of everything.

This is either for you or it’s not, you either make it or you don’t. We love ya for showin’ up, but showin’ up’s easy. If you want a foot bath from us you pretty much gotta come and earn it.

Next up: Part 10 After Parties

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