Selection 019: The Definitive Edition

The faces of the men and women in the arena. Your Selection 019 candidates:

Thursday 1300 / Selection 019 begins

Thursday 1400-2000  / PT Test Recap 


Thursday 2000 / Live Coverage Kickoff

Thursday 2038 / 15 remain after the 12 Mile Ruck

Thursday 2049 / Welcome to the Welcome Party

Friday 0000 / 7 remain during the Welcome Party

Friday 0101 / 7 survived the Welcome Party and the night is still young…

Friday 0124 / 038 is out. We’re down to 6.

Friday 0145 / Water Babies

Friday 0330 // We are down to 4. Certainly not for lack of heart, but both 046 and 064 are out.

Friday 0432 // Four remain.

Friday 0700 // Four remaining doing work before sunrise.

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Flashback / As we creep up on first light, here’s a photo from just hours before during the Welcome Party.

Friday 0715 // The Final Four

Friday 0730 // We’re down to 3. Tough as nails, 060 is out.

Check Out the Full album Here.

Friday 0745 // Photo Roundup

Friday 0820 // It pays to be a winner except when it doesn’t.
Roster 068 drops when he can’t lift the 80lb sandbag anymore during the sandbag throw evolution. Only 2 remain.

Friday 0726 to 0927 // Sunrise and shift change.

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Friday 0937 / We’re Down to the final two.
062 and 028 still in the game. 27+ hours to go.

Friday 0947 // Two remain. It’s hot, the Cadre are keeping them cool (sort of).

Friday 1110 // At the 22 hour mark, two remain.
Quick safety first med check (including checking out the color of their urine) with water refill before the next evolution, which will be The Murph. Substituting dips for pull-ups.

Friday 1110 / Two left. Time for Murph.

Friday 1118 – 1220 // As the Murph finishes up and we approach the 24 hour mark, still two remain.

Friday 1246 //  028 and 062 crushed Murph. Approaching the 24 hour mark now which means a well earned, but brief break.

Friday 1300 / 24 hour mark. 2 still remain.

Friday 1428 // 062 and 028 are still in it.
After passing the 24 hour mark, they just finished up with their med rest, time to begin the second Welcome Party.

Friday 1445 // Hour 26.

Friday 1500 // After a tough fight, Roster 028 fell victim to Welcome Party 2.  One Remains.

Friday 1530 //  And then there was one.

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Friday 1600 / 062 is the last man standing.

Friday 1605 / The last one standing. 062 has just started the run.
Undisclosed distance and time. It’s hot, really hot.

Friday 1705 // 062 remains. Next evolution.

Check out the full album here.

Friday 1800 //  Day 2 Photo Update

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Friday 1921 // The sun sets on 062. Stay tuned.

Friday 1927 //  Amphibious Operations with Cadre BD

Friday 2032 // Night Swimming

Friday 2038 // The water is deep. Sink or swim, 062.

Friday 2119 hours // Candidate 062 continues to fight.

Friday 2230 – Saturday 0130 // 062 still going strong. Shovel and dirt.

Saturday 0155 // The Long Walk is about to begin.

Saturday 0500 // Pace is slowing, the railings are acting as bumpers to keep him on his path.
062 looks determined at 3 hours into the long walk…

Saturday 0634 / Long Walk Continues.

Saturday 0727  // Hours in, Candidate 062 continues The Long Walk. Slowly.

Saturday 0900 // The Long Walk hits the beach.

Saturday 0930 // Long Walk Photo Update

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Saturday 0953 / 062 vs. the long walk

Saturday 1126 // One lonely, long walk.

Saturday 1200 // Shark Attack

Check Out the Full album Here.

Friday Night – Saturday // Photo Round Up 

Saturday 1300 // Meet Selection 019 Finisher, Roster 062.

Saturday 1330 // The freshly patched Roster 062 joins past finishers and Selection 019 Cadre.

Saturday 1636 // 062 in all his glory.


  1. Justin Turnbow says:

    So incredible still very jazzed to get to watch and the awesome coverage money well spent. Thank you again

  2. Arthur H. Stavdal EM3 USN 1968-1972 says:

    So proud of Alex he was so upset last year when he quit at 23 hours was Determined to finish this Year. As Proud Father i KNEW HE COULD DO IT I could not watch last hour had to go out and mow the lawn. As I begin a Fight with prostate Cancer 3 WEST PACS With the United States Navy and more than LIKELY caused by exposure With Agent Orange I will beat this and be around along TIME.

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