Selection 015: Cadre AAR’s


GORUCK Selection is the Hardest Endurance Event in the World.

I don’t really consider it a GORUCK Event and I don’t recommend doing it. I’ve got a love hate turned hate love for it and we were perfectly happy showing you what you’re capable of when you’re part of a team – that’s called the Challenge and pretty much every other event we run.

At Selection, it’s about a standard. Nothing more nothing less and we show you what you’re not capable of when you’re alone.

But we want you to pass and we want to show you how. This event is harder than any other endurance event out there not because of the miles or the push-ups. Lots of people can do lots of those fast. Selection is what it is because you’ll have Special Operations Cadre whose mission is to get you to quit.

Here’s the math:

  • Selection 015 was exactly 48 Hours long.
  • 15 Special Operations Cadre were present.
  • 278 participants registered.
  • 84 showed up.
  • 31 passed the administrative portion of Selection (the PT Test).
  • 4 made it to the 24 hour mark.
  • 1 person (Jon) successfully completed GORUCK Selection.
  • That means 1 out of 84 who showed up successfully passed.

We were hoping for more but would have accepted less. It’s about a standard and we would love for more of you to meet it.

To de-mystify the event, we have an updated, chronological timeline for Class 015.

And we have Video AAR’s below by yours truly with a little of Monster thrown in as well as Cadre Garrett and Cadre Bert. You’ll get a lot of tips and a blow by blow of this most recent class, which is the template we’ve used in the past and will use moving forward.

Bert / Quick AAR / 2min

Garrett / AAR Interview / 9min

Jason / Comprehensive AAR / 28min


  1. ken berardi says:

    I have done sere challenges which were tough, ,goruck challenges, which I don’t think are anything but a bunch of anybodys getting together to have fun, not knocking it ,they should just take the word challenge out and put in fun for everyone, anyways ive ran marathons and recently completed the Spartan ultra beast which I would say was my toughest challenge yet, 1000 or so people started only 118 finished and I came in 9th in the open, I know this selection is much harder, im 47,with 4 knee surgerys, prior military just want to ask if this is something I should even attempt at this age, just want an honest answer or would I be fooling myself?

  2. jason says:

    Ken – what class GORUCK Challenge were you? We’ve put all our Cadre through The Challenge, before they become Cadre, and nobody describes it as you do. As for Selection, I’m never one to say anyone can’t. It’s mostly mental if you’re in solid shape.

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