Rucking is for Everyone

Our goal is to get people and that means everyone more physically and socially active together. For everyone to lead the good life which is the active life and one way to do that is to ruck with your friends, either at one of our events like the Fun Ruck & Kill That 5K or in your neighborhood.

Rucking is as simple as putting some weight in your backpack and going for a walk. It’s open and accessible to all which means your parents and your kids and your co-workers and your family and your friends and people who hate running and people who love running and wherever you are is where you can do it, together. 

But, there are a few Rucking Rules lol:

  • Nobody rucks alone
  • When in doubt, smiles over miles
  • Ruckers encourage each other

So. Spring is here and this is the best year since last year to reconnect with friends, to get active, and to do it face to face in real time, together.

More info on rucking here.

Fun Ruck here.

To get started, start somewhere with a friend and you’ll never stop. 

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