NYC Hosts the GORUCK Challenge By Night

Class 004 met up at 2am on a chilly middle-of-the-night.  NYC was characteristically oblivious, even as 15 Challenge takers started running under headlamps through a dark Central Park.  The team bonded fast, reveling in the camaraderie of cold, wet, and muddy from head to toe.  Logs moved great distances above shivering Challenge takers before the difficulties of distance at a runner’s pace began.  But they always took care of each other, sharing PB&J’s, smiles, and some of NYC’s best sights.  Ground Zero.  Wall Street. The Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.  All from the vantage point of collective exhaustion. The only disheartening moment saw Christian sent home with hypothermia after the team fought in vain to raise his core temp.  Yet on they trekked.  5 miles of Indian Runs later, they reached Times Square and shared smiles and hugs after literally carrying each other to the finish.

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