Tough Mudder Tri-State, Raceway Park, New Jersey

Team GORUCK shared wet, cold, and wonderfully muddy times with all Mudders at Tri-State, both days of it. We brought rucks, bonfires, good times, and oh yeah, our version of the latest in advanced cellular repair technology, aka beer. (Note to Mudders: when you see us, we are ALWAYS happy to share.) Nobody else wanted to take Tough Mudder up on its offer to carry kettle bells through the entire course, so we did, for the extra good livin’. We lent a hand when Mudders needed it, and we took the same in return, always with a smile. Spectators offered priceless encouragement and support, especially the youngest among them. And as always, we’ll be ready with rucks muddy from the last adventure to start the next one, and we’re looking for new friends to join the team between now and then. Stay tuned for GORUCK Challenge dates.

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