NYC Hosts the GORUCK Challenge By Day

As the sun rose above a very dark 6am in the center of Manhattan, the city that never sleeps woke to a soaking wet, cold, and shivering Class 003 carrying logs from Central Park to the Hudson River. The Challenge spanned 17 miles of water, trails, bridges and city streets, and took the team 7 1/2 hours to complete. As Times Square hosted the finish, crowds now wide-awake looked on with confusion and curiosity, still not quite sure what to make of the exhausted form of camaraderie moving together before them.  14 started what 10 would finish; among those who earned the GORUCK Tough patch was 5’4”, 105 pound Emily, whose smile, encouragement, and affinity for pink kept everyone smiling, joking, and always aware that, though the Challenge is not for everyone, toughness comes in all sizes.

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