Kling’s Total Recall and Bye-Bye Cadre Team House

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The alien living inside Rubin’s Total Recall belly still has a week or so to see the Cadre Team House first hand before we move out and Kling’s last trip here was nostalgic for all the right reasons namely because there’s a lot to be nostalgic about. We all love it here but sometimes it’s time to move on so we’re having one last fest at the Cadre Team House Kling or not. Call it a send off call it whatever you want, I just hope you show up. All are invited and beer is free but we might run out if you don’t bring any we’re good at that. So maybe bring some beer and don’t be afraid to show up early, as in anytime all day before after or during the Light this Saturday September 27th.

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Yes Rubin was signed up for Selection and no he’s not doing it anymore and his excuse is the alien and maybe there’s been an outbreak of Total Recall alien bellies since so many people have dropped out. As in over 100 people have said nope don’t send me. But no more talk of Selection for a while unless it’s by Kling I make it sound too depressing and it’s not.

An oldie but a goodie.

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Monster’s like get me the hell out of here the aliens are coming and it’s time. So thanks Rubin and yes we’ll miss this place sorta like how if you date a stripper she always leaves and you’ll miss her when she’s gone but a man’s gotta know his limitations and for the record no I’ve never dated a stripper besides this place but records don’t matter nor do excuses and it’s time to leave before we convince ourselves we’re in love.

See ya here pretty please with sugar on top this place is as much yours as it is ours. Come one, come all.

September 27, 2014
All day All night Bye-Bye Cadre Team House
1717 Strand St.
Neptune Beach, FL 32266
No RSVP required.

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