What is Rucking?


If you go ruck you’re rucking and that’s the foundation for what we do and who we are at GORUCK. Both gear and events.

But we suffer from two main problems, both are a form of inaccessibility.

  1. Our gear is expensive and money isn’t free. Got it. There’s very little we can do to reduce the price of building the best gear in America and offering a Scars Lifetime Guarantee. But the bigger we get the more efficient we get and the more gear we can build across varying price ranges.
  2. Our events are really challenging. Intimidating some may say. Some Special Forces guy does what? they all ask with a you’re crazy kind of tone and it’s literally impossible to explain.

Yet against all odds you all have built GORUCK into something far better and more rewarding than I ever envisioned because you believe in the quality of our gear, and you believe in the lessons our Cadre teach at our Events, namely that it’s not about you. You try to get your friends to join you because you love the people you’ve met. Some do, most don’t. Maybe they just need to learn to ruck a little better, first.

So insert the GORUCK Racin’ Series and the launch of the activity, and the sport, of rucking. For mostly operational reasons (permits and locations take a long time to secure – years in some places), we’re starting with a bunch of 5K’s so Kill That 5K until you get to the beer garden at the end and then kill that, too.

But above all we just want you to ruck.

We’ve always been about bringing people together, and this marks us doubling down on the most accessible form of rucking we can possibly create. Namely, just rucking = fitness = training = active.

Back to the sport – we plan to grow it significantly. A hint of our direction is that we’ll also be crowning the world’s most elite rucker in the Fort Bragg, NC area in 2015. So, if a 5K isn’t enough for you, try 12 Miles with 55/45 lbs Male/Female near the home of the Special Forces. Cadre Garrett has already said he’s gonna win it, guess we’ll see.

What You Can Do
Since forever you have asked how you can help. If the offer still stands, find your friends and show them what rucking is. That means walking around your neighborhood with some weight on your back, don’t forget to bring a Monster if you have a Monster. Ruckin’ a little may lead to the GORUCK 5K then to The Challenge, maybe even Selection some day. Or maybe just to a more active life.

And we’ll take any or all of the above.

Thanks for the support since forever.

And PS yes, Kill That 5K is a joke that started years ago at a GORUCK Challenge when someone was running by and we were rucking and someone maybe me ha ha said Kill That 5K and no, I never thought we’d launch a bunch of 5K’s but I never thought we’d launch any Event if you go back far enough and humility is one of the most creative and effective stalkers of all time.

To learn lots more, click here or on the image below. #killthat5K



  1. Abraham lebovits says:

    Can we please have the new York race on a Sunday so that us Sabbath observant Jews can go? Plz plz plz plz

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