Fall Fall Back On a Sunday Funday: What’s Next

Monster_Wanna Ruck?

An hour found in the Fall and Ruck It. says my lil’ Monster and how do you not smile real big at that.

It’s that kind of day in let’s move to Miami weather aka it’s cold in Jacksonville Beach but no matter such silly thoughts don’t call them complaints enjoy the extra hour doing something you love, and try to do that for all the other hours, too. They grow up too fast and so do we.

Thanks to everyone for all the support these so many too fast gone years. It’s rare we say thank you enough to those we love and to those who support us and unless your name is Monster or Java I’m guiltier than most. We’ve got some pretty big stuff coming soon that we’ve been working really hard on behind the scenes and by stuff I mean sure there are a few pieces of gear but that’s not it at all, really. And by we I mean the people who run GORUCK that get none of the credit and who are mostly fueled by free beer and a belief in what we’re doing. A near lethal combination, I’ll add with a smile. Monster is excited, and soon to be tired, and I hope you all will be, too. Guess we’ll have to see.

On another note, Let Me Give The World To You from the Smashing Pumpkins Adore era box set (left) is easily the most beautiful new old song I’ve heard since 1998 when it should have come out and isn’t I love you too easy to share years and years later.

Smashing Pumpkins_Adore_01_Re-Release and original



  1. Phil says:

    Also on Machina II. A double album only released to radio stations via vinyl. So indy you can hear the crackle of the record player

  2. jason says:

    I have that version from Machina II, and it’s been in my library since, it’s not nearly as good in my humble opinion. Also, they played the song live on the Adore tour and there’s a longer-ish story about why they didn’t release it on Adore. Something about it was not-representative of the album but Virgin loved it and wanted it to be the first single instead of Ava Adore and Billy didn’t want that. It’s not that it hadn’t been heard, it’s that it wasn’t this good. Or something. For me, it’s become what Yellow Ledbetter was/is for Pearl Jam: by far the best song they never properly released and one of their best songs period.

  3. Brian says:

    Something about that era of music where a ton of great songs never made it onto albums. Was a huge Oasis fan growing up, and they released some of their greatest songs as B-sides on Singles. Those were hard as hell to find in the US, and usually involved a random trip into NYC and scouring the Village to find a copy. The Masterplan is one of the songs I’m thinking about. Just an amazing song, but never was released on an album, but I digress. Love the post and always enjoy the asides about 90s era rock…Kinda funny when I hear some of those songs on “Classic Rock” stations…totally ruins the idea that I’m still young, esp. when I hear a song that was released when I was in HS.

  4. Phil says:

    Oh man Jason! If you ever find your way to Chicago for WSFB, we can WSFB+SP. As it turns out, Rick Ruben produced the version for the Adore, which is why it sounds different, but the same as the other SP songs. I attribute the “same” part to BC, which doesn’t let the control go very far. The Smashing Pumpkins need Billy more than he needs them, but I think Billy needs the SP more than he may realize.

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