#KeepTraining: Garage Gym Sandbag Workout

For this workout you don’t need a lot of equipment or space. Just a backpack (preferably a ruck), some weight, and a sandbag. For lunges and tosses, we just used the length of a driveway, doesn’t need to be exact. Let us know if you try this one out, it’s a burner! #KeepTraining

The Workout: 

25m Overhead Lunge
50 4 Ct Flutter Kicks
25m Sandbag Toss Driveway
40 Ruck Squats
25m Sandbag front rack lunge
30 Pushups
Sandbag over the shoulder toss
20 Burpees
25m Bear Crawl
10 Thruster

1 Mile Heavy Ruck

Movement Breakdown: 

Overhead Walking Lunge

Hold your sandbag or ruck overhead, with arms locked out. Step forward with one leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90-degree angle. Keep your upper body straight, with your shoulders back and gaze looking forward. Alternate which leg you step forward with.

4 Count Flutter Kicks

Lie on your back with your Ruck held straight above your chest. Raise your legs to about a 45 degree angle, lowering one leg at a time to just above the ground. Continue the movement, alternating between legs. 4 kicks = 1 rep aka 4 count.

Sandbag Toss

Clean the sandbag to chest level, and toss it forward or with the sandbag on your side, rotate and sling it forward using your hips and legs for momentum.

Ruck Squats

Standard squat with a ruck on your bag and for an extra challenge hold your sandbag at your chest.

Sandbag Front Rack Lunge

Same as the walking lunge, but hold the sandbag at your chest with elbows high.



Perform with a ruck on if possible, if not do a regular pushup without a ruck. To scale further, do pushups on knees.

Sandbag Over the Shoulder Toss

While keeping back flat/rigid, bend over and pick the sandbag up and toss it over the shoulder.


Begin in a standing position. Squat down and kick your feet back into a plank position, while keeping your arms extended. Perform a pushup, then return your feet into squat position. Stand up and repeat.

Bear Crawl

Keep hands in front of you, shoulder-width apart, and hips in the air as you crawl forward. Remember, bears don’t have knees!


With the ruck at your chest, move down into a squat position. As you stand, use both arms to push the ruck up overhead.

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