International Events Are Live

Here’s the deal. One of our strengths is that we can go anywhere almost anytime all over the world, and we have. We’ve been to (almost) every country in Europe and all over Asia and Oceania. International events have always proven costlier due to increased travel costs as well as time. But we still want to do them (they’re fun trips for Cadre, too) as long as enough of you will have us. So these events are available for registration. Tell your friends, meet the threshold and we’ll definitely show up. As Ron Burgundy once said, it’s science.

Note: the international events we know will do well (Normandy, Dublin for St. Paddy’s Day) – you’ll see those for regular registration at because we’re definitely going to do them. Year after year those ones see great participation and that’s our hope for a lot more cities in Europe and all over the world, too.

These are Event combos, meaning Challenge + Light with one HCL thrown in for good measure. If we’re missing a city/date that you are confident will work, send us a note to Word to the wise is that we’re able to offset some costs because there are two events and not just one, so stand-alone events would have to have a higher price threshold.

Sign up here.

GORUCK Challenge_Germany_Stuttgart

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