Firearms Gear Preorder – Revenue Recap

Firearms Gear Preorder Revenue Numbers
Recap of the Firearms Gear in terms of units sold and revenue received. Thanks for the support, and double thanks for supporting the preorder format. We literally had no idea what would sell and at what quantity – this is to answer everyone who has asked me how I think it went. We did not get any press (nor did we really seek it for this preorder) or any awareness outside of what you heard from us (it’s live) and what you told your friends aka grassroots growth and welcome to GORUCK since forever.

This allows us to put almost $140K (less some credit card processing fees) toward the building and ordering of the gear you bought and this pre-ordered gear will ship within 8 weeks. We’ll aim to Under Promise and Over Deliver on the delivery date.

We’ll do a second round of preorders in the future (maybe a month or so) in order to guarantee the gear before Christmas. No date is set yet.

Preorder Firearms Gear Screen Shot

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