GORUCK Tribe: February 2021


Here is the run-down on all details for February 2021 including the patch design, workout, rucking requirement, book of the month, and additional tasking.




In honor of those Marines who began the battle for Iwo Jima in February of 1945. Of note, 3 of the 6 Marines in this picture were killed in action in this battle. NO GREATER LOVE.



2 Rounds
19 Sandbag Cleans
300m Ruck
45 Burpee Step Ups
300m Ruck

2 Rounds = 2 strategic objectives on Iwo Jima
19 Cleans = February 19th was first day

Distance = the total runway distance of South Field
45 Burpee Step Ups = the year (1945) and “I’m stepping up, he sees me, I’m down”

Watch the Iwo Jima WOD How-To Video from Cadre DS.


4 x 5 Miler throughout the month.

Great job on the 1 mile/day every day in January. Let’s benchmark a 5 Miler this month.

Ideally you do one a week. If you keep your baseline weight (somewhere between 20LB and 45LB for most), you could do a comparison of your time. There’s no need to run, though a shuffle is an option, where you keep your feet lower to the ground and move them faster.

Or, you can adjust the weight in your rucksack. If you’re at 30LB, try the first one at that weight, then see if you can increase to 40LB on the next one and maintain the same pace.

Record and share your times if that’s important to you.


A Warrior’s Creed, by Roger Sparks
On Feb 25, we will hold a Cadre-led book discussion live on IGTV. 
Listen to Roger Spark’s episode on the Glorious Professionals podcast here.

This is a memoir that goes deep into the mindset of always pushing and challenging yourself through adversity. To literally Seek Pain. It’s impossible to finish this book and think that you’re not capable of doing more.

Roger is also responsible for all the TRIBE graphics. He lives with his family in Eagle River, Alaska and uses tattooing as a form of healing. He’s completely self-taught and has a certain grittiness to his work that represents his struggles well. We’re very proud to have him on board. He was in Jax Beach, FL at the end of January and you may have seen him at the live book discussion on IG.

Write and send 4 hand written letters. One of which attempts to make amends. LOVE comes in many forms, and a handwritten letter is both classy and has a way of being read with even more of an open heart than any other form of communication. Use this as a secret weapon in your life to communicate with others!
You are on the honor system to complete the requirements throughout the month and the workout can be done at any time. Those subscribed will receive check-ins throughout the month from HQ & Cadre and the exclusive patch each month.

A message from Roger Sparks about this months theme LOVE

Love, fear, pain and vulnerability are all interlinked. “You know it’s real when it hurts.”

Allow me to explain. Long before partnering with GORUCK I found that salvation is hidden in our suffering. Comfort is not the goal. When we hide or run from fear, pain, discomfort even vulnerability bad things begin to happen. My suggestion is to embrace it. Facing these things are the richest moments and opportunities of our lives. In moving towards them we become stronger and our lives become more meaningful. 
If you know someone who belongs, please forward this note to them or share this link.
They’ll love you, after they hate you. And they certainly won’t forget who got them into this kind of fun.

“Dog’s Best Friend”

Love, Monster
President, GORUCK Nation

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