GORUCK Tribe: January 2021

Here is the run-down on all details for January 2021 including the patch design, workout, rucking requirement, book of the month, and additional tasking.


– 3 Mile Ruck
– 12 Rounds:
6 x Sandbag/Ruck Rows
       6 x Burpee Squats (Full Burpee with Jump followed by Squat)
6 x 4 Ct Mountain Climbers
6 x Rucksack Getups

– 3 Mile Ruck

1 mile/day. 5 mile penalty ruck per day missed. Use baseline weight.


Tribe by Sebastian Junger
On Jan 27, we held a Cadre-led book discussion live on IGTV. Find the recording here.
Sebastian Junger will be on Glorious Professionals later in 2021.
Reach out to connect with one person you haven’t been in contact with in too long.
Ruck with them, side by side, or virtually (phone call) while rucking.
You are on the honor system to complete the requirements throughout the month and the workout can be done at any time. Those subscribed will receive check-ins throughout the month from HQ & Cadre and the exclusive patch each month.
If you have enjoyed this PAIN, share this link with a friend who needs this in their life, too.
They’ll love you, after they hate you. And they certainly won’t forget who got them into this kind of fun.
“Seek Pain” (but don’t swallow a rope toy – trust me on that one)
Love, Monster President, GORUCK Nation

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