GORUCK Training – EP24 #WorkoutWednesday


Today’s workout is called Sandbag Suicides.

Pick a spot where you can set up suicides, we used the blocks at the beach, which are all 100m long. #RUCKUP

The Workout:

Run 200m (100 out and back)
Then 10 reps of sandbag front squats, over the shoulder toss and strict press.
Run 400m (200m out and back)
10 reps of the three movements
Run 600m (300m out and back)
10 reps
Run 800m (400m out and back)

Try to increase your intensity with each round with the goal of practicing performing your best while fatigued. It’ll come in handy at your next GORUCK event. This workout shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, so if it does, next time use a lighter sandbag and work on intensity.

Featured Gear: Sandbags

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