GORUCK Scavenger DC, Class 001

Scavenger 001 was a party, a city wide Ruckon that felt like a Ruckoff. Teams received their Scavenger lists first thing in the morning, planned their routes, then set out to see the best of the city together, in small teams.

The highlights of DC all made the list, of course. The monuments, everything you’ll find on a guided tour — but so did the local hang-outs, the places that make DC DC. All correspondence went through @GORUCKChallenge, and there was plenty of room for the teams to get creative and earn #coolpoints.

In the process, of course we broke twitter.

Nothing Lou couldn’t fix with poolwater, marlboros, monster, and meat.

While twitter was down, Ryan fell in love.

But it was unrequited and Scavenger continued. The route belongs to your team, and you’re free to stop when you want. (You’ll have a list of all our favorite bars in town, just FYI.)

As the day wound down, the Ruckoff looked better and better. Last ditch efforts for #coolpoints were common, but the most fun was once all the teams were back, together under one roof, and the big Ruckoff began to ring in the New Year.

For us, the best part is the time we get to spend with all of you. The Challenge builds the family, Scavenger is a reunion. There are plenty of stories, plenty of smiles, plenty of poolwater (on us), and plenty of uncertainty about what’s gonna happen next.

Important shit: how to shotgun a beer.

Before the night descended, we passed out patches we don’t sell.

Good ideas were flowing, and weakness was revealed.

But we look out for each other at every turn. Mouth Mead of the Wisconsin GRT clan brought his family to make sure everyone stayed plussed up on beer at all times. It was that kind of night — 001 was always the first, but Scavenger is evolving into a force on force, hunter and hunted scenario, more in line with our background in Special Operations. We hope to see you at the next one, it’ll be fun.

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