GORUCK Adds A New Dimension To Google Ingress

What do you get when you combine the Special Ops Cadre-led teamwork, leadership, and communication training of GORUCK with the augmented reality gaming experience of Ingress? A new spin on social fitness, that’s what. Created by Google’s Niantic Labs to get people fitter through mobile gaming with actual map orienteering, Ingress has exploded with popularity, boasting over 12 million active players (referred to as ‘Agents’). So what exactly is Ingress? Think of a real world capture the flag game where two teams, the Enlightened and the Resistance, compete for territory all over the globe. What’s great about this game is that you walk around the city, discovering new places and meeting new people. Sound familiar? GORUCK has recently teamed up with Ingress at the #Persepolis Anomaly to create an interactive experience like no other. Check out the video. It’s time to ruck.

To learn more about Ingress events, or download the app, visit https://www.ingress.com

To register for our next GORUCK / Ingress event in Portland, June 20, 2015, visit http://www.goruck.com/ingress

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