Firearms Day (FAD) With Cadre Machine

NRA Range Rules_GORUCK Firearms Day Fundamentals
Safety is always the #1 priority, and safety starts with the fundamentals and evolves into (greater) confidence with your firearm no matter your experience.

GORUCK Firearms Day_Shooting and Moving

Once your fundamentals and safety procedures are solid, you start shooting and moving because that’s reality as opposed to just sitting on a flat range aka no movement. Important is that our Cadre are used to this type of an active range after having logged collectively thousands probably more like millions of instruction hours down range teaching Iraqis, Afghans, and other foreign nationals basic marksmanship, etc. Safety is always the #1 priority, and teaching in English at FAD only makes us that much better and you probably prefer English¬†anyway ha ha.

GORUCK Firearms Day_Self Defense

Machine also teaches some real world self defense situations and how you can react to them with confidence.

So Cadre Garrett had a favorite shooter game called the Triple Bull from his team time and he sprung it¬†on Machine and said hey you’re the demonstrator which means you better shoot well, everyone’s watching. Results in the video. A 287 out of 300 is, as Machine says with a smile or was it a smirk, performance under pressure.

FAD Firearms Day Concealed Weapons Permit

There is a process to getting your concealed weapons permit upon completion with Machine. He details it below.

More on GORUCK’s Firearms Training here. And a preview of next year is that Tyler and Machine are working on some interesting ideas. Like AR-15 courses, advanced pistol courses, and an event that lasts for 3+ days in the middle of almost nowhere, USA. Range days are fun days and we’re gonna start doing a lot more of that.

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