9/11 ‘UNITE, or DIE.’ PT



By Cadre Danny-Boy

On this day, we remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice on September 11th 2001. We salute you. We honor you. And we will never forget you.


  1. Understand that this will suck. Bad. It’s Pain For Pain.
  2. Work in two (2) person teams: aka find a battle buddy.
  3. Distance work (rucking and stairs) is divided by you and your partner. That means you each do half of the total distance.
  4. Complete partner exercises using a 9 & 11 rep scheme (RS). You and your partner can alternate the 9 and 11. Total repetitions combined is the goal.
  5. If you can’t do a ruck, then substitute the 2 mile partner ruck for a 2000m (2K) partner row, 2 mile partner run, or 2 mile partner sandbag carry.
  6. If you don’t have a piece of equipment, get creative with what you do have. Use your ruck, a sandbag, jump on a parking bench or a bleacher. The point is: find something to make it hurt!
  7. Lastly, this is for TIME! Meaning you should record how long it takes you and your partner finish this workout. DFQ!

So, like a good American pick a partner, and together destroy your bodies so that you can rebuild them stronger. Push your partner when they think they must stop, and always believe in a present, and a future that proves we are stronger together, in everything. God Bless America.


RED = WTC & Pentagon Loss of Life

WTC = 2016 Lives Lost    Ruck  x 2 Miles (1 Mile each)Burpees x 16 (Both)
PENTAGON = 125 Lives Lost    Box Jumps x 125 (24”/20”)(9 & 11 RS)


WHITE = First Responders

FDNY = 343NYPD = 23NY Port Authority = 37Paramedics = 2Total = 395 Complete in Order (9 & 11 RS)
1) 130 AKB (American Kettle Bell Swing) @ (53lb/35lb)
2) 130 Overhead Lunges @ (45lb/25lb)
3) 135 Sandbag Get Up (60lb/40lb)


BLUE = Aircraft and Flights of Stairs “Let’s Roll”

                                                                         Part 1:        
 Flight 11 = WTC North Tower & Flew into 80th Floor Flight 175 = WTC South Tower & flew into 60th Floor A) North Tower = 80 flights of stairs climbed by first responders A) Climb 80 flights of stairs(40 each partner)(Up and down count)
B) South Tower = 60 flights of stairs climbed by first responders B) 60 Box Step-Ups (9 & 11) (20”/18” boxes) with a ruck (45lb/35lb)
Part 2: (9 & 11 RS)
Flight 77 = Pentagon 59 aboard KIA 59 + 40 = 99 DB Thrusters (30lb/15lb)
Flight 93 = Shanksville, PA 40 aboard KIA
Flight 11 = WTC North Tower 87 Aboard KIA 87 = Push-Ups60 = Burpees
Flight 175 = WTC South Tower 60 Aboard KIA

“We Will Never Forget 9/11”

– UNITE, or DIE. –

Download the UNITE, or DIE. pdf here.

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  1. shawn landreth says:

    This one just got added to the day’s workout, but a note that your math is wrong on the First Responders. It should be 411:

    FDNY = 343 (340 firefighters, 1 chaplain and 2 EMT)
    NYPD = 23
    Port Authority = 37
    EMTs = 8
    Total = 411

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