Featured GORUCK Club: NOLA GRT Ruck Club

“My name is Anne Mancheski and I am from the great city of New Orleans. GORUCK and the NOLA GRT GORUCK Club has provided me an opportunity and an excuse to do things I never thought I would. And if I am being honest, didn’t know I wanted to or even could.  As an adult, life becomes a game of who can one up and out do the other person. Watching others tear down people so they can shine. It is exhausting. GORUCK has given me an outlet and space to feel the same camaraderie I did growing up playing sports. Where we are all in this together as a team. Where you feel supported from your peers. The friends I have made through this are lifelong. They are constantly getting me to level up from where I thought my max was whether physical, emotional or just in my everyday life. They want me to succeed.  From these lessons, I try to carry them into my everyday life. I try to teach people some empathy to others.  Building others up doesn’t not mean you won’t shine. Just the opposite. I do not care how much you can lift, carry, etc. I do care that you show up, that you are kind, that you work hard and tend to your team. In an event and in life. I am a work in progress. But, without a doubt, GORUCK has made me a better human for myself and others.” – Ann Mancheski, GRT of the week


The NOLA GRT Ruck Club is in the heart of New Orleans and they get together at least once a week for rucks and other fitness together, as well as some ACRT. They also participate in the monthly rucking challenges and the monthly GORUCK club callouts. Check them out if you are in the area!

“Explaining why I consider GORUCK “fun” has probably been one of the harder questions I have to answer. Because how do you tell people physical pain ranging from 5-48 hours is a good time? Either you get it or you don’t. The people to my left and right are my people. For me, GORUCK came into my life in a moment of complete turmoil and I was searching for something. Searching for me. So that’s literally what I did. A Google search. And came across this challenge. I immediately said “Absolutely NO way! Never could I survive that.” And, well, 40ish events later. I survived. No regrets.” – Ann


  1. jennifer osullivan says:

    How do I get in touch? I’ve been looking to join a Rucking group, along with a few other friends from CrossFit Chalmette!

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