EVENTS: GORUCK Heavy Season Has Officially Begun


Metallica’s version of the National Anthem blasting through Cadre Dan’s truck speakers kicked off the Joe Warner Bragg Heavy, and thus the entire 2017 GORUCK Heavy Season. We honored one of our own who passed too soon, and we did it on the home turf of the Green Berets.

These are the same pine forests where every Green Beret (yours truly included) at one time or another found his spirit animal, and kept going, refusing to quit. That’s the standard we imposed on the class, ensuring that all 127 who completed it found theirs, too.

It was a good time, Special Forces style, with great people. Further proof that the human spirit burns brightly in so many from all walks of these United States.

If you’re looking for a full 24+ hour day in the life of Special Forces training, sign up for a GORUCK Heavy, train your ass off, and finish it.


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