Christmas in July and Becoming That Friend

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Christmas in July and Becoming That Friend

Self doubt sounds something like am I strong enough? am I ready? I’m not ready it’s too hard and a little crazy. Why do I need to pay for that kind of thing?

But eventually you ruck up anyway and you do it with that friend who’s been hounding you for months. You earn your patch and you realize that it was never about you (it’s about the person to your left and your right) and now it all makes sense.

And then you become that friend and welcome to how it works.

In case this helps the convincin’, for the rest of July:

  • Light and The Challenge are 50% off.
  • Heavy is 25% off.
  • And Selection costs double. Why? Because don’t sign up for Selection, it’s terrible and not fun at all and the worst 48+ hours you will ever pay for.

Some additional data:

  • Over 40,000 participants have taken a GORUCK Event to date.
  • Our pass rate is over 95%. Your Cadre’s job is to show you what you can accomplish together as a team.
  • Our oldest participants are in their 70’s.
  • We’ve done Events in every state in America, and in countries all over the world.

But…as with all the best things in life, you have to experience them for yourself and you don’t see anything in this world if you don’t take the first step.

So Merry Christmas in July and ho ho ho Monster and I will see ya out there, under a ruck. Sign up here, find an event close to you (on the map) here.

As always, thank you for the support.

Jason McCarthy
Founder, GORUCK

monster_american flag_July 4th

Hope you had great 4th full of red, white, and blue.

President, GORUCK Nation

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  1. Eric Schwam says:

    Do Monster and Java have similar lineage? They look like they could be brothers. Both very handsome fellas. Thanks again for all that you do.

    Eric Schwam

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