Behind the Scenes Interview with Tia-Clair Toomey at the Mayhem Classic

Tia-Clair Toomey, the Fittest Woman on earth for 3 years in a row, weighs in on how the new Speed Rucker allows you to run faster without jeopardizing your running technique. “It’s a very comfortable bag. It’s firm and it doesn’t move while you’re running.”

The first ever Mayhem Classic took place on January 9-11 in Cookeville, Tennessee. CrossFit athletes from around the world came to test their strength and endurance, and possibly qualify for the CrossFit Games, at this CrossFit sanctioned event.

The first event incorporated a ruck run including high elevations and obstacles like uneven terrain, even livestock.

Watch the full event recap:

Event 1 & 2 // Ruck Run

5 Mile Ruck
Men: 30lbs
Women: 20lbs

Event 1 score:
First 1 mile of ruck.

Event 2 score:
Total time of ruck.

Jason’s Thoughts:These worlds are coming together – you’ve got the ultimate test of fitness within Special Forces and now we’re taking the simple activity of rucking and giving it to the best and some of the most empowered female athletes on planet earth. It’s really inspirational. When you start to think about girls out there asking what can I do? What’s possible for me? Anything is possible.”


3, 2, 1…the women kicked off the event with 20lbs of steel in their Speed Ruckers. Speed Rucker was the choice for this event with their integrated Padded Hip Belt and the fact that it was built for speed.

The men shot out the gate next and it was really cool to see that the athletes had improved upon their rucking form from last year’s ruck run events at the Rogue Invitational and CrossFit Games.

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