A GORUCK-guided tour of DC, by night

The GORUCK Challenge is not for everyone. We know this. But in two classes in DC we had only one person quit, a “marathoner,” and it happened BEFORE the Challenge started (further proof that it’s all mental). The email exchange went like this: Marathoner: “Jason: While I’m excited about the challenge, I have to admit that I am less than enthused putting my fragile body fully submerged in the water at this time of year. Are you anticipating taking a swim in the water or simply going leg deep? I don’t think I’m tough enough for a swim.” Jason: “It’s more mental than anything else, but it’s overcoming that that matters. What we tell everyone is that it’s not for everyone. Let us know if you still plan on coming.” Marathoner: “If I’m getting my torso wet in 15 degree weather, I’m out.” Jason: “we just took you off the list. See ya around.” Those who showed up got wet fast, as promised. Yes, it was cold, and then the 19 miles began. Logs nicknamed ‘bastard’ and ‘mother FU$%ER’ awaited. If you take the Challenge, don’t bring a fragile body. More importantly, don’t bring a fragile mind. There’s no better guided tour of any city in the country, but it’s meant to be a challenge. If you have any doubts that it’s worth the pain, ask the people who took it. Class 006 earned our respect, not to mention each other’s. And then some.

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