9/11 Workout On a Rooftop at Balance Gym, DC

9-11 GORUCK Workout_Unite, or Die._01
In case you were wondering yes our Uber driver most graciously agreed to cart us across town with a bunch of Florida sand and a becoming not so lil’ Monster for the 9/11 Workout DC Danny Boy put together and I was grateful because the plan for pain didn’t include a 300 lb Mogadishu 2 Mile and now that I say that it probably will, next year anyway. And I’d be fine with that some things are supposed to suck and on 9/11 they’re supposed to suck more if your goal is to remember that day and how it felt to be there.

9-11 GORUCK Workout_Unite, or Die._02
As planning will get you everywhere which Lee has too slowly been learning and pain was the forecast, we avoided the inevitability of nah the beer store is too far and front loaded our base fortifications but left on an unhappy note due to an 18 pack being the only largest size they had and we should all be lucky to smile and have such problems on 9/11 or any day for that matter most of our problems aren’t really problems after all.

9-11 GORUCK Workout_Unite, or Die._03
DC Dan loves PT/Crossfit/you name it and his 9/11 Honor Workout turned Monster into an alien and he loved watching me suffer and to be honest I enjoyed it too. Pain for Pain. I don’t really CrossFit all that much as in almost never but I love the community and more specifically I love the people I meet via GORUCK at places like Balance Gym – you know the kind of friends that go pain for pain with you like everyone did on that rooftop and then hang out and shoot the breeze till it’s officially tomorrow drinking beer on the high ground in our nation’s capital city on 9/11 and all days are meant to be shared and some even more than others. Thanks for coming out and yes, I’m still sore specifically almost everywhere so mission success.

9-11 GORUCK Workout_Unite, or Die._04

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