48 Hours in Okinawa, Japan

Some things in Oki are less familiar than others.

I’m pretty sure the top writing is a suggestion, not a mandate.

Hanging out after the Challenge is always my favorite part. Class 122 had 14 Force Recon Marines in it (which is an awesome sight to see). The flag they brought had been on hundreds of combat missions in Afghanistan and elsewhere, and they showed it with pride to honor their fallen, a group supported by our friends at the Silent Warrior Scholarship Fund. Now all classes bring Old Glory thanks to the guys in Oki, new friends I love and hope to see as often as possible. Wherever in the world our paths cross again, beers are on me.


  1. Uri says:

    Japan is one of those crazy (in a good way) places in the world. It’s one to visit and keep on visiting, there’s always something new too see and have fun.
    Great picture of the inchworm pushup with the passed-out rucktard.
    Even better the Recon Marines with the plate carrier honoring their comrades. Fantastic bunch of guys.

    As always, the GORUCK Challenge is inspiring.

  2. Andy says:

    Best way to finish a 3 year tour on the Rock. Memorable night, and a good time was had by all. ARRUGAH!

  3. Bill TUNER says:

    Hello, I am the Ingress Enlightened Point of Contact for Okinawa, are there any possibilities to hold a GoRuck Ingress Challenge for Abaddon primary Okinawa 12-12-2015?

    There are 2013 local organizers are still available here, please feel free to contact me directly, through the Niantics Ingress Abaddon Point of Contact community, or any way deemed fit. We need GoRuck Ingress on Okinawa.


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