1,000 Participants = Wholesale Rucksack Pricing at Kill That 5K

Kill That 5K promotion_wholesale rucksack pricing
Our goal at the Kill That 5K is to get any and everyone physically and socially active via rucking together. Meet new people, watch the kids run around, eat some grilled out burgers and hot dogs and drink a few cold ones … after you ruck a Kill That 5K with old friends and new.

Our three favorite colors are the same as yours and they’re red, white, and blue, and we proudly fly a big ol’ American flag at all our events. We believe in and live the lifestyle you’ve embraced at GORUCK and think there are millions out there who would love it, too. They just haven’t met us yet.

We need your help and so do they lol.

Currently we have 3 Kill That 5K dates live:

  • San Francisco – April 25th
  • Denver – May 9th
  • Seattle – June 26th

We’re expecting ~400 for each city, similar to our past Kill That 5K events.

But, if you can help us get a total of 1,000 paid participants in your city (Fun Ruck costs ~$20 btw), that city’s participants receive 40% off (=wholesale pricing) our signature rucksacks (GR1, GR0, GR2, 10L Bullet).

Ruck pricing would be as follows:

GR0 $265 $159
GR1 $295 $177
GR2 $395 $237
10L BULLET $110 $66
Wholesale (40% off)

One ruck per registration, maximum. We’ll process orders via a special code one week prior to the respective Kill That 5K and you’ll get the gear you buy at packet pick-up. Wholesale prices are triggered if and only if we have 1,000 paid participants one week before the event. It’s not all or nothing, either, among the cities. Meaning, if San Fran gets 1,000+ but another one does not, San Fran gets the discount.

Why a gear discount?

I get it that our rucksacks are and have always been really expensive, hopefully this incentive uses our gear for its intended purpose: to get people active, and to bring us all together. We’ve never offered a deal like this before, and we can’t really go much lower than a $20 Fun Ruck. This is part of our strategy to use any and all resources at our disposal to get people active and rucking together.

How you can help:

We’ll see ya out there at the Kill That 5K near you, smiles abound. And oh yeah. You’ll also love the fact that all Stone Brewing Co. beers, after your free one, will cost $1. That’s practically free and who doesn’t love $1 beers.


What are your questions at this time? (Besides when are you coming to my city, we’re working on that one.)


  1. Terry L. Davis says:

    Well, “when” is a big one. How can we get anyone excited about an event that may or may not be held. Commit and I will commit. I’m specifically talking about Austin, TX. Also, will you consider having a 12 mile ruck starting a couple of hours earlier on the same day, with the last 5 K being the same course. Some of us former military want to shake the cobwebs off and see if we still have what it takes.

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