Webb Tough – T-Shirt/Patch Bundle

WEBB TOUGH shirt and patch now live, cost $35 for both. $20 per will go directly to GRT legend (and friend to so many) Mark Webb to offset the costs associated with his recovery from a motorcycle accident that cost him his left foot. We’re certain he’ll be back ruckin’ and racin’ in no time.

Thanks for the support.

Buy here. They’ll ship 2 weeks or so once the campaign ends this Friday.





  1. jason says:

    Yup yup American Apparel is on back order on the shirt. Google what’s going on with that company and it may make more sense. More to Follow ASAP, patches are waiting on the shirt to be shipped.

  2. Brian C. Webb says:

    If anyone has an extra bundle, I would LOVE to buy it from you. Just want to help a fellow Webb. God Bless!

    Brian C. Webb
    Formerly 10th Mtn

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