This Month in GORUCK: February 2017 Edition

Awesome, that is what this month at GORUCK was. We started February with a company wide meeting getting everyone at GRHQ focused on this years mission. Power point was used and discussion was welcome. We did not capture any photos of our meeting, but this will make up for it. The Jonesboro Arkansas SWAT Team participated in a two day class. Day one was Stop the Bleeding dealing with mass causalities and day two was FAD training.

Then on Friday the 10th I got to spend the day in the hospital with some unknown bug and a 102.6 fever. Jason took care of me that Monday posting photos of me IV in arm and laid out with a Ferris Bueller #SaveBomber post. Thank you all for the kind words and love. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.


GORUCK America Launch

The 15th Nick, Ripley and I left to kick off the Beta, Beta, GORUCK America. First stop was Cadre Doug’s GYM Evolution Athletics that story will be told soon.

Next stop was the Handleys…..

Joe Warner Bragg Heavy

We camped out at Lake Bagget where SF does their Land NAV. War Stories was on Thursday evening with the best of the Army Special Forces telling their stories. If you have not attended one, you’re missing out. The next day was the Joe Warner Fort Bragg Heavy to document the Heavy of all Heavies, a 24+ hour beat down. 207 signed up, 141 started, and 127 finished.




GRT’s once again killed sharing their adventures. Rainforests, a Ruck on a Soviet built Iraqi APC, Valentine’s Day Lights, Puerto Rico Rain Forest GORUCK Tough Challenge, and lots of snow. Keep sharing your photos!


GRHQ Team Ruck Ups

GRHQ participated in our TRU 003 and TRU 004 events. TRU 003 = 7 miles of smiles. No one Rucks alone and don’t forget to bring a smile. Endex was at the Maple Street Biscuit Company. TRU 004 was Pain Roulette in the Rain. Everyone loves leg day edition. Lunges, Squat jumps, Burpee Long Jumps, Buddy Carries (switching with your partner), and finishing with a one mile timed Ruck/Run.

Constellation Beta 2.0

We are ending the month with Constellation BETA 2.0 Cadre Mickey B gave classes that ranged from building a shelter to water purification. Hands on practical application after each segment ensured the students could perform each task.

March will be a busy month. Monster will be kicking off the Ruck Your Dog fundraiser benefiting Pets for Patriots. Nick and I will be visiting some of the Florida Ruck Clubs and Rucking with GRT’s. GORUCK Firebase is live, you will be hearing a lot more about this soon. I hope to see y’all soon!




Christopher Goad

AKA Bomber


  1. Goruck Constellation Beta 2.0 was the highlight of my February. Loved getting to see the faces behind the GORUCK brand, pick up some swag, and of course learn some valuable information. Oh yeah, and meet Monster! Furriest company president ever!

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