The Rucker ($195) Explained

The Rucker ($195) Explained vid here ya go.

  • Active Day Ruck
  • Built to Ruck
  • Integrates the Ruck Plates perfectly

Ruckers here.
Save on Rucker + Ruck Plate bundle here.
Rucker vs. GR1 here.

Longer explanation on the manufacturing as it relates to Rucker colors and their inventory. We’ve seen some delays in the custom dips of webbing. We used to just order “stock” colors of webbing like black and coyote for GR1 etc, but since variety is the spice of life we wanted to change up some of the color schemes of the Rucker – further differentiating the Rucker a little more out of the gates. Well, Murphy struck as he loves doing and this has resulted in delays of specifically the green webbing – TBD (we don’t know) when we’ll get that webbing in stock and integrated into the build process. The webbing is not on hand now. Expect only the 25L Black w/Green to be for sale.
There is an additional color coming in 25L only this year (Wolf Grey x Red webbing). TBD when exactly.
Both sizes of Wolf Grey w/Silver (20L is in stock now) are expected to be in stock next week (in very limited quantities, though).

I’ll keep you posed as we know more. If you got questions ask questions. One ask from me: even if you are not in the market right now for a ruck, or another ruck, please help spread the word about the Rucker – just like when you get a buddy to sign up for the Challenge, they will thank you later 🙂 It’s an awesome piece of gear and we are grateful for the support.


  1. Dave Molloy says:

    I have a GORUCK Bullet for every day use and a GR0 for Rucking. I like the features of the new Rucker, it could be a future purchase.

  2. Michael Stone says:

    Any chances for a Black Rucker with either Coyote or Sand webbing? This is what I’m holding out for!

  3. Brian says:

    I have been rucking with the 40lb filler bag in sd25 for months now and it works great. Having a frame sheet would be a nice upgrade for me though.
    Are you guys planning on releasing rucker in black w black webbing so those of us military can use it in uniform? Definitely a must have for me, thanks!

  4. honeycomb says:

    The GoRuck 20L Rucker in Grey / Silver is back in stock .. and they’re $129 for today only (12-8-2015) .. add a mil discount and you are in 2 for 1 territory with free shipping over $150.

    Can’t say this loud enough ..


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