Solutions and Trek and Ramblins and Ruckin’ and Most Importantly, Isla vs. Mom

Nadia_GORUCK Solutions_01If I told you succinctly what I thought the next year at GORUCK looked like, I’d be wrong and I’d get bored before the first sentence was complete and my great fear in life is boredom so instead I’ll ramble in riddles some easier than others, it’s more fun that way and a lot more nostalgic all in one.

Solutions as an open-ended word lends itself to doing an open-ended number of things and you probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that we’ve gotten requests for anything from Dogs of War to Death By PowerPoint (DBPP) – Dogs of War being significantly more interesting of course, and something about your Cadre can do anything right? To be fair, the answer is yes. But as we’ve grown we’ve gotten better about saying no to the wazoo not because we don’t want to do it but because taking over small countries is expensive and drawing a map before determining the target is a lot harder than using existing maps to hit other worthy targets.

And Solutions has evolved as GORUCK has evolved and more than ever Solutions, run by Nadia (front left), is integrated with everything else GORUCK in a way where R&D departments take detours and a couple of them find the high ground and then you have to see it through yourself when there’s no cavalry comin’. Namely after GO comes RUCK so she’s moved from fielding mostly corporate and other one-off requests to running point on the operational side of the sport of rucking. Lest I steal thunder she never seeks, I’ll say that when that it launches it’ll make more sense – call it later this year with some events nationwide in 2015 and if you know a bookie or something January 17th in Jacksonville Beach, TGIFlorida would be a good bet. With Tampa and San Diego not far behind.

Anyway to the picture and more riddles of sorts we had some important meetings so we found an oft frequented watering hole, the kind of place that doesn’t carry Bud but where smiles not scorn greet you when you say OK I’ll have whatever you have that’s almost as good and as close as possible.

So ten thousand old tales and ten thousand other solutions small S into our non-Bud Heavy’s the problems of GORUCK became one with the world’s and Building Better Americans can take on so many forms it’s really just a question of what can we do uniquely well and efficiently. Meaning without having to draw too many of our own maps. Though enticing for its adventure, the Dogs of War thing ain’t gonna happen and the real answer is an Isla vs. Mom kind of thing.

Genghis_GORUCK Solutions_02
No more riddles Genghis is like hey thanks just cut to the chase B-O-R-I-N-G you’re putting me to sleep again and I’ve already heard the Isla vs. Mom one got anything else?

Trek_Solutions_Black passport_04
Sure. Speaking of wonderful distractions for our GORUCK Solutions team, the event that doesn’t exist and never has starts today in DC. This will be the last one until we get really bored or something which isn’t likely anytime soon 2027 anyone? Stay tuned for more Jedburgh Events, though, which have been met with solid demand for one of my favorite words: more. They may or may not eventually lead to more Treks and if you wanna know that future find a fortune teller or something cause nobody around here really knows.

Kids and rucking, on the other hand, is not going away because it’s never really existed other than on the backs of every kid who has ever had a backpack and meet Isla, my new best friend in California and she’s got a great idea oft thought by parents and kids in GORUCK Nation. It’s called kid rucks where rucks means both GORUCK rucksacks and kids events and she spent some time showing all of us it was kind of like hide and seek meets an obstacle course meets ruckin’ around the house in laps meets a lot of smiles till 3 hours past her bedtime and yes, blame me, Nadia.

It was all worth it as Isla was like do you have any more Cadre who would like to run around with me and maybe a bunch of my friends tomorrow and we can only ignore great ideas for so long.

GORUCK Solutions_03
Almost all additional ramblings aside the next big thing besides Isla the GORUCK Kids Ambassador to hit San Diego is Bye-Bye Big Daddy’s retirement from the Marine Corps GORUCK week(end) and I won’t be missing it and neither will Isla if you wanna hear someone ramble you’ll get to take your pick cause we’ll have a bunch of Cadre on hand and a couple are threatening to do the Challenge and for good measure we’ll find a crowd friendly spot come one come all where Nadia and Isla will be debating which series will happen first: the rucking or the kids.

An Army oldie but a goodie Isla’s dad would appreciate as the solution small S to the riddle: hurry up and wait.

Links: GORUCK Solutions, Bye-Bye Big Daddy (San Diego Dec. 6th), Trek
Introducing (no link): Isla

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  1. James says:

    Well that sucks. I finally got to a place where I could afford to put Trek back on the calendar and it’s gone. 2027??? Guess I have time to save up.

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