Nonapologetic Kids These Days, Like Monster

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Kngskd says:

    Try to walk him till he relieves himself in a more appropriate place (ie: you can easily clean up) before letting him go into the ocean. Don’t let him drink the salt water, that can cause a very rapid increase in peristaltic action (as can the excitement) in a lot of animals, leading to spontaneous deification. Try going very early, before other people get there several times before going with people there. Hopefully, it will relax the overwhelming excitement he has about being at the ocean and his compulsion to share that enthusiasm with everyone. Unfortunately, that is not guaranteed to work. Best of luck, have a great day!

    Go Navy 😉

  2. BJ B says:

    So I have a chocolate myself and she is a full English lab. What I do with her took some time to train but it works so much better than hoping she goes when I have time to let her out. So you pound a stake into the ground at a spot in the yard where it is ok for him to relieve himself. Mark a ring three feet out from the stake ( I used a neon orange ground stake that I got at the local hardware megastore). Every time she had to go I would put her on her lead and walk her out to that spot and give her a command hers is “get busy” then have her relieve herself and then praise her with vocal praise and a small treat. If you take him to work you might want to stake a place there. After he gets the hang of using that specific location and relieving himself on command then remove the stake and line if there is one and keep taking him to that spot to relieve himself. What this process will end up doing for you is teaching him to only relieve himself on your command and when you take him to go. this works amazingly as my dog goes everywhere with me and I never have to worry if she will relieve herself at inappropriate times. Then you can go anywhere with him and he will have the proper etiquette in any situation.

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