Happy Birthday Mocha Mike and a little Memory Lane

Mocha Mike _Jason

Memory Lane x Mocha Street. Over a year ago at a tough time in my life and GORUCK’s existence as Nasty was ending and Java was dying Cadre Mocha joined us full time and since then has raised the bar of professionalism across the board. It’s not due to any guidance on anyone’s part, it’s because of who he is and what he expects of himself and all our Cadre. I would follow this guy and his moral compass anywhere.

People often times think Special Forces is a young buck 20 year old’s game. It’s not. It’s led by seasoned Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO’s aka Enlisted guys) like Mocha who have a wealth of professional experience, and their job is to get the job done and raise the young bucks to do right as they take greater leadership roles in one of the greatest organizations you could ever hope to be a part of, the Regiment of Special Forces.

Mocha brought his senior leadership to GORUCK in massive ways out of the gates cause he didn’t know any better and since I’m 40 years his junior, I’m proud to say he’s got the right raise me right, too. And he is.

So here’s to a Happy 75th Birthday for you, Mocha Mike. Give our best to the fam and here’s to many more … love ya big guy.

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