Sunday Trouble Meets Early Monday Monster at HQ

Monster_A Day in the LIfe_01
No doubt you guessed it Monster was in trouble before we got to work. I followed your advice and threatened to populate the local shelter with his presence but a quitter I am not so I channeled my inner disciplinarian, the side of me that’s not afraid to tell people and Monsters what to do. It took a long while but I was up for it and insert your rolling eyes and dare I hope smiling face time now.

GORUCK HQ Jax Beach_Monster_02
The empty office was orderly but for a lone relic from Sunday Funday of Budweisering and typing, typing and Budweisering. And with a ring around his nose Monster was contrite he told me as much and I can rationalize with the best of ‘em so destruction was the name of the game and it’s a fun game to play if you’re in the mood. Ask Monster he’ll tell you. Especially on these terms since we’re both training to Kill That 5K which will have the greatest after-party any 5K has ever seen. Of all the accusations you can levy, make sure to throw in this one: hard-working lol.

Monster_A Day in the LIfe_03

But once the others come in as they do thank goodness we must be more whatever you wanna call it try a better example and ’tis the season of ho ho ho new gear so we’ll focus on that. And insecurity is best dealt with an iron fist said no wise man ever but no matter that Monster’s Sunday defiance had me clenching lest the world assume Monster had broken my will. Work work muscle flex muscle flex Monster put these shorts on and no sassy back talk you work for me and don’t you forget it.

And now tell me you love them … well maybe next time but progress comes in stages and this is progress.

Ummmm … right?

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