Monster’s Grief Requited

Missing Monster_01_Jason JAX airport
Oh how we learn to take things for granted and Monster comes with me everywhere all the time so when I left for a week or so and didn’t want to treat him like luggage at 30,000 feet nobody puts Monster in a cage I’m sure it broke his heart and I’m sure he’s still beside himself with grief and as I was leaving he requested one last shot to drive a stake through my heart of guilt.

Missing Monster_02
And then the pics came streaming in from Lierin who was watching him and that’s the rule if you’re watching anyone’s loved one don’t make them ask just send pics they’re full of meaning like I’m irreplaceable and Monster can’t live without me ha ha.

Missing Monster_03

Missing Monster_04

Missing Monster_05
And then Andy got home and took him to work and also knew the rules and Monster’s missing me don’t smile for the camera you’re too sad and sometimes you have to lash out at me I totally understand it’s my fault.

Missing Monster_07

Missing Monster
And this one became my desktop shot 3,000 miles away he’s drooling that’s so cute insert meaning A, B, C whatever you want as long as it makes me feel needed.

Missing Monster_06
The door opens again and again it has a way of doing that but it’s not me yet I still have some more gun stuff and a couple more flights after that but I’ll be home soon and maybe Monster was just saying hey get back to work and get off Facebook unless it’s your job and isn’t it everyone’s job these days to be on Facebook something about networking blah blah but as distance is proving there’s nothing like the real thing and by that I mean friends you spend real time with like Monster and I’ll be home soon to do more of that.


  1. Jadine Hodgen says:

    Monster, you are just too cute. Any chance you will visit San Francisco, my 10 and half month Newfoundland, Wellington would LOVE to meet you!

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